Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Merz Men - 85 days old
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We had a lovely, if quiet, New Year's Eve to close out 2006. Dave and Dee Merz and Garrie Nicoll came over to have a little dinner party with us. I made boeuf bourgignon and set out yummy cheeses, crackers and olives. Garrie brought his famous, and fabulous, "Garrie's Scary Potatoes," and Dee brought a delicious salad and berries to heat and serve over vanilla ice cream... and a bottle of champagne.

Earlier in the day our neighbor, Nelson, brought over the cutest little Santa suit for Davey. So, in honor of the last event of the 2006 holidays, Davey became our very own tiny Santa. Too cute -- thank you Nelson!

All aspects of the dinner were delicious and the company was just perfect. After food we exchanged Christmas presents with Dave and Dee, as we hadn't had a chance earlier in the week. Mark was thrilled with the Porsche accessories his father found for him and I was quite pleased with a new Calphalon pan so thoughtfully chosen by Dee. Davey will love his new hat from his great-aunt Karen, as well as the ultra-cozy sleep sack from Grandma and Grandpa. Great stuff and thank you!

Everyone left before midnight, and before the really drunk folks got on the road.

Davey fell asleep around 11, so he didn't quite make the ball drop. Mark and I, however, stayed up to kiss in 2007 and then got hooked on the Discovery Channel, watching back to back episodes of "Everest." I fell asleep before finding out if the LA motorcycle designer turned back, while Mark stayed up until 3am to find out the fates of all.

Now here we are on January 1, 2007, contemplating what wonders this new year will bring. We're feeling incredibly lucky to look forward to being with Davey through the coming year (and years!).

Now it's time to get those black-eyed peas cooked, y'all.

Happy new year!

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  1. Happy New Year, Merz Family! Just had to comment that Wolf and I watched the Everest shows too, although not last night. Crazy, huh? Here's to a fabulous 2007! We love you guys.