Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wow, amazing how much he's changed already

I've just been thinking about how much Davey's grown in just 113 days. Here's a picture of him when he was 10 days old:
Sleeping Davey - 10 days old

He's wearing that long-sleeved onesie under his pajamas tonight, in fact, but now it's tight and nearly too small. I suspect he'll wear it maybe one or two more times, max, before it's destined for the outgrown pile.

Here's a photo from tonight, 103 days later than that first picture:
All clean! 113 days old

Over the weekend we measured and weighed him. These are approximate measurements (especially the weight), and we'll get "official" measurements in about a week and a half at his 4 month well-baby visit.

Weight then: 6lb 9oz
Weight now: 13lb
Difference: +6.5lb

Height then: 20"
Height now : 26"
Difference: +6"


Next big thing: We booked our tickets tonight... Davey's first flight will happen this week. Let the world travels begin! Okay, so we're sticking to domestic travel for this first adventure: We're flying to Minneapolis, MN this Wednesday night. The flight leaves at 12:30am (technically Thursday morning) and gets in at 6:05am. Flying home on Sunday night, the flight leaves at 9:30pm. We're flying Sun Country Airlines and hoping to upgrade to First Class (for the extra seating space) the evening of the flights, as Dad and Linda have been able to do every time they've flown this airline. Fingers crossed! Anyway, our hope is that Davey will cooperate and simply sleep through each of the flights, as those are prime sleeping hours for him, and his absolute favorite place to sleep is on either one of our chests, which is where he'll be. Our stroller, which we love so much, is too expensive and bulky to trust to the baggage handlers, so we'll leave that at home. Instead, we'll bring the Baby Bjorn carrier and we'll check his car seat. It's not like we're going to go strolling a whole lot in Minnesota in February. ;-)

For those that have kids -- any advice for flying with an infant?! Pllllease?

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