Sunday, January 21, 2007

What a sweet boy

Gymnastics - 105 days old
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Davey was such a good boy yesterday. We started out by a little gymnastics and wearing the jeans Roberta gave him for the first time. A little gymnastics and playing with his feet first thing in the morning was a lot of fun. Yay!

Then Garrie dropped off Prescott around 9:30 and Mark, Prescott, Davey and I headed off to the San Francisco Giants Fan Fest event at AT&T Park. We'd never gone and, thinking it would be a fun and free event to attend, headed to San Francisco, ready for a fun time. It was a pretty day and warm, for January, each of us comfortable with a fleece or sweatshirt (as opposed to the parkas we'll want when the baseball season begins).

You know what though? Ugh, what a total let-down the Fan Fest was! Too many people and not enough organization. I started to type up everything that was wrong, but it just sounded like a major rant and I don't feel like being so negative this morning! Suffice it to say that we didn't bother waiting in any of the lines for autographs or self-guided tours, though we would have liked to have gone in the club house, dugout and batting cages. Oh well!

After the experience that was Fan Fest, we headed along the Embarcadero to stop outside the Ferry Building. I jumped out of the car and ran in to Acme Bread to pick up a few cheese wheels (omg good) and a sourdough baguette. We then headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge to head back to Marin, with plans on hitting Amici's Pizza in San Rafael for lunch, on the way home. Turns out, however, that there was a big anti-abortion march (and a counter-march by pro-choice as well) that we didn't know about... directly in front of us. After a while I said, "Hey, didn't the Uno's Pizza on Lombard change in to an Amici's? Let's go there." So we did! 1-1/2 hours after we left the parking lot at AT&T Park, we were in Amici's, on Lombard. PHEW!! Good pizza though. :-)

By the time we got home, we were pooped! But at least we all got out and about, Davey was a total trooper and was in a good mood most of the time and Prescott was a totally great kid all day.

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