Monday, January 8, 2007

The boy's got distance!

As Mark and I rushed around to get all three of us ready to go to the dentist this morning (Mark and I had check-ups and cleanings), Mark attempted to change Davey's diaper. For whatever reason, Mark wasn't as prepared as usual and Davey peed on Mark. THREE TIMES. The boy had distance, that's for sure! Pee on the floor, carpet, on three sides of the changing table... and yes, that wet spot next to his head is a spot of pee. Yes, he peed on his own face... ewww... aww... Haahahahahaha. So, of course, Davey got popped in the shower with Mark. Not that the pee bothered Davey as much as the thought of it bothered Mark and I. Plus we didn't want the dentist to think Davey smelled of pee. :-p

A fun note: The dentist and his hygienist have been taking care of Mark's teeth since Mark was four or five years old. They were so excited to meet Davey for the first time. Aww.

The peeing on Mark was his way of dishing it out to Daddy... the night before, Davey refused to sleep on his back and insisted on only sleeping if chest to chest on me. We ended up sleeping that way together on the couch through the night. And by the time I gave up trying to get him to sleep on his own, it was past midnight. So we didn't get a lot of sleep (he woke up every 3 hours to eat), and I wasn't exactly feeling very chipper when Mark came in and said, "Hey, aren't you supposed to be in Pilates class now?" D'oh! Oh well... On the one hand, I'd love to get a full night's sleep, with the ability to change positions with impunity. On the other hand, I love the closeness of holding and loving him and I recognize that it won't be like this forever (and it'll feel like no time before he's too big). So I remind myself that this is a time where life is about him -- not about my convenience. And I'm enjoying him for all he's worth. Though I did let him fuss himself to sleep for 40 minutes tonight, determined to see if he could put himself to sleep, on his back (and he did).

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