Monday, January 15, 2007

The first 100 days

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Wow, hard to believe it's been 100 days since Davey joined us. It's impossible to imagine life without him now.

His latest trick: Davey has figured out how to roll over from his back to his stomach. He's quite adept at it. However, rolling the opposite way isn't quite in his repertoire yet.

Anyway, he seems to have figured it out last night, his second night of trying to sleep alone, in his crib, in his own room. When I heard the tone of his cry change to being more muffled, Mark and I both jumped up. Needless to say, we put him back in his (getting cramped) bassinet for the remainder of the night.

As we're supposed to keep him sleeping on his back, not his stomach, we're a little perplexed. Any tips from you, who may have been through this before?

*UPDATE: I spoke with our pediatrician's office today and they said, "You can't fight nature. " Basically, if he's figured out rolling over and that's what he wants to do, and he's strong and healthy (he is), then don't worry about it. Relax and let him roll if he wants to roll. Which is pretty much what Jocelyn said (thanks!).

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