Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Davey recommends "California Baby" products - 113 days old

Remember a while back when I was talking about how Davey's skin and scalp always seemed dry, especially after baths? He had a mild case of cradle cap, as well.

WELL, we were given some calming lotion by California Baby and it worked beautifully to moisturize Davey's skin, as well as help get rid of the rash he had all over his body (in addition to double rinsing all his laundry). So when Mark and I ran across California Baby products at Whole Foods, we had to look through them all. We bought a bottle of their Tea Tree and Lavender body and hair wash, as well as some massage oil. It was expensive, but if the lotion was any indicator, the price would be well worth it.

What can I say? The cradle cap is gone and Davey's skin is no longer dry. Ta daaa!

I logged on to California Baby's website and wrote them an email to thank them for making such great products. They wrote back to me today to ask permission to use my letter in their monthly newsletter, and in exchange, they'll send us a $50 gift certificate. Neato! I think we'll be stocking up on more wash, bubble bath (for when that's interesting to him), sunscreen (for all of us)...

It pays to be positive!

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