Friday, January 26, 2007

A happy day

Today started off with a bang, withy Davey and I up and out of the house by 9:30 and on our way to a free preview class of Kindermusik. I wanted to see if Davey would enjoy it, or whether he'd be too young for it. Well, happily, I think we both enjoyed it a great deal!

Davey was definitely the youngest, but one mother had been bringing her daughter since the girl was two months old, and they were still going. Davey didn't fuss, cry or frown for the duration of the class. In fact, he was often smiling, relaxed and engaged. We got to sing songs, tango, cha-cha, play with the parachute, beat on drums, shake egg rattles and look at lots of bubbles... and look at other babies, of course. What fun! By the end of the last song of the class, Davey had fallen asleep, peacefully, in my arms. He didn't awaken until I took his car seat inside the house (sleeping through walking in the rain, strapping in to the car seat and removing the seat from the car).

A fun aside: A very cool former co-worker, Alice Ostrovsky, was in the class with her son, Xander (Zander?). She told me she'd just emailed me (on LinkedIn). What timing! Anyhow, the class is actually full for the rest of the session, but the teacher said she's thinking she'll let Davey and I join, since "Davey doesn't take up much space yet." Perhaps she caught the connection with Alice and I, as well. Meanwhile, all the moms and kids were really nice and really sweet. I'm totally looking forward to this!

Upon returning home, changing his diaper, etc., Davey, Mark and I went for a trip up to visit his grandpa Merz for a little while and then grandma Bonnie. Just short visits, but nice, nonetheless. As you can see from this photo, Davey was a very smiley boy today.

What a nice day!

And a sweet video from last night:

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