Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just too darned cute

Today we realized that, with thin socks, Davey could wear his smallest pair of shoes. These were a gift from Grandpa Mick and Grandma Julia, who picked them up in Paris last Summer. The shirt he's wearing also came from Paris. A very chic baby. And he knows it; you can tell by the smile on his face! He's recently developed a cute little dimple on his right cheek. Awww.

Update on sleeping habits: Two nights ago, Davey crashed out in our laps by 9, so we put him in his crib and considered him "out for the night" by 9:15. He didn't wake up for another 5 hours, at which time I fed him and put him bac in his crib. And he slept for another 3-1/2 hours. Yes, progress! Minimal fuss, sleeping in his own crib... excellent!


Last night was a very different story. Again, he started falling asleep in our laps at 9, so we tried going for the same process as the night before. Unfortunately, he was very fussy and not appreciating the crib quite as much as the night before. That said, we let him cry a bit, checked in on him after 20 minutes to rub his tummy, whisper that everything's okay, that we love him, etc. and then left the room. Eventually he fell asleep. However, he was up and crying for food every two hours throughout the night. Thankfully he went back to sleep in his crib, without fuss, after each feeding. At the feeding around 6, I brought him to bed with us, as I needed to be up and out for pilates at 7:30. Foof!

Here's to a peaceful sleep tonight... for us all...

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