Monday, February 14, 2011

Hiking the waterfall trail with Deb

We had a great time hiking the Waterfall Trail on Saturday. We didn't expect to take that hike, which is 3 miles long and has a 500 foot elevation climb. However, we ended up on that trail with Davey happily trucking along 90% of the time, looking for the waterfall. Now that it's raining (as I type this), he's eager to get back to see more water in the creek.

Cleaning the orange juicer

Cleaning the orange juicer, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

So eager to try what we found in storage, he lugged it to the bathroom on his own to clean it.

Signing valentines

Signing valentines, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

Deeee aaaaaay veeee iiiiii (dot!!) deeee!