Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Fussy von Fusserstein

FUSSSSS! 94 days old
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The past few nights have been a real challenge with our beautiful little boy. He's been really fussy every night, mostly wanting to eat, be held and sleep... but once put down, he starts crying. And boy does he have lungs!

Not sure why he's going through this phase. He doesn't appear to be ill, he doesn't have any rashes, he eats until he's full and doesn't want to eat any more, he doesn't have gas...

The past couple nights we gave up on trying to get him to sleep in his bassinet (which was never a problem until very recently) and let him either sleep ON me or in between us in bed (placed there carefully after he'd fallen asleep on me). Plus he's waking up every two to three hours, when he'd gotten to 5-1/2 hours a little over a week ago.

It's really heart-wrenching to let him cry, hoping he'll "cry it out," and fall asleep. We're trying it right now, with him in his bassinet, in his room. He was asleep and I got him moved in to the bassinet at 10 tonight, but at 10:30 he started crying. So far, 20 minutes later, he's still crying, though he seems to be getting quieter now... fingers crossed that he'll get to sleep and won't be scarred by this. Boo hoooo.... :'-(

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  1. Don't worry, Jess, he won't be scarred, I promise. They all do go through this stage, I think. I think it's their bodies changing, mini growth spurt, figuring things out, etc. Did he finally fall asleep? I wish I had some perfect motherly advice for you but I don't really. Just know that it passes eventually and things get better...until a new challenge comes up. : ) Sending warm wishes and lots of hugs.....