Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday diorama

Holiday diorama
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Okay, are you all sufficiently bored with Davey photos yet? Well, tough! Of course, you're welcome to ignore the link if you like. :-)

We've had a great time so far these holidays. New Year's Eve is yet to come, but we don't have anything exciting planned...

Last week we went to a Christmas party at Kimo's, a friend and neighbor of Bonnie's. That was Davey's first time spending the night away from home since we left Marin General Hospital. Then, within the last week, our carpenter tore down the old fence between our house and one of our neighbors and built a new 8' (including lattice) fence. Whoopie!

On the evening of the 23rd we had a small, impremptu party at our house, when Bradford Noble came by for a visit on his way to his cousin's house. Shortly after Bradford arrived, Polly showed up with Rozzie and Rozzie's friend, Ally. Not long after that, we all thought, "Hey, let's see what Dad and Linda are doing!" I called Dad's cell phone and, lo and behold, he and Linda were pulling up outside our house at that moment, thinking that it would be a good time to drop by and see us. Perfecto! What a fun evening that turned out to be.

Then we went off to Mom and Mick's for dinner on Christmas Eve and we spent the night there (Davey's second time spending the night away from home). A wonderful morning was had, eating panatone and opening presents with Mom, Mick and Jack. After lunch Mark, Davey and I headed to Bonnie's, where Dad, Linda and Bonnie's friend, Don, joined us and we had a delicious Christmas dinner. More presents were opened... lucky for us and Davey, Santa found us in all three places (our house, Mom's and Bonnie's). Weee!

And now, after eating way too much too good food, it's time to get back to Pilates!

I hope you've all had a great holiday season so far, and if we didn't get to see you yet, we're sorry for it. Let's make plans to see each other soon.

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  1. Davey just gets cuter every day, Jess. I hope you're having a blast....it just keeps getting better. And I love that we are all family! Hope to see you soon and meet Davey. Much love....