Sunday, December 17, 2006

The holidays are upon us!

So how did Davey spend his first night of his first Chanukah? I'm a bad part-Jew and we didn't even light the menorah. In fact... where is it? Hmm.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon we took Davey to his first Christmas party at Russell's, Kimo's and Harold's house on the Russian River. The house was really decked out with Christamas decorations, there was tons of food, an open bar and a whole lot of friendly and fun people, including little kidlettes running about.

Davey held up to the party very well, cuddled up on Mark's chest in his Baby Bjorn. After an hour and a half or so he'd had enough and was fussing, so we walked back to Bonnie's house (Cocopah, not Bonbons) where we stayed for the night. It was Davey's first time to spend the night somewhere other than our home since he left the hospital.

And what did Davey do to celebrate all these firsts? He slept for five straight hours! Oh, Davey, how I love thee.

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