Thursday, December 7, 2006

Happy birthday - 2 months old!

Yes, two months old. It's so hard to believe.

So how did we celebrate Davey's two month old birthday? Why, by having a well-baby visit with Dr. Lee, of course! Dr. Lee checked him out and pronounced, "I'm very happy with his growth." Davey's now 23 inches long, 10lbs 8oz and has a head diameter of 15-1/4". So for those keeping track, since his last measurements he's grown 1" in length, 2lbs 2oz in weight and his head is 3/4" bigger. Grow, baby, grow!

Dr. Lee also suggested that it's time to start getting Davey to sleep in his crib and not in the bassinet at the foot of our bed, and that he's got enough fat stores now that we should start pushing him to wait longer between feedings at night. So tonight we'll try to get him to sleep in his crib and try to push his feedings to once every 3 hours (or more, if he lets us). Wish us luck!!

And last, but not least, Dr. Lee's nurse gave Davey a present: 4 vaccination shots and one oral vaccination. Yeah, THAT was a real treat. Poor little guy. Vaccinations: Polio, DTaP, HIB and the 2nd Hep-B (2 of 3). Plus the oral vaccine for Rotovirus. And when we got home we gave him his first vitamins (Vit A, C and D).

Now Davey's sleeping on Mark's lap, at least for a little while... that sweet, little angel.

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