Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My boys - 74 days old

My boys - 74 days old
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Today was a busy day for both of the Merz men. After watching Davey while I went to Pilates, first thing this morning, Mark spent the day in Sausalito. He was helping out Bonnie with the two recently vacated apartments and, I think, some Christmas shopping in San Francisco (the shopping is speculation on my part). Mark didn't get home until pretty late in the evening and he was exhausted.

Davey's day was busy in that he had three, count them, three visitors. First was Nancy Moss, who was thrilled to finally meet the boy. She brought him a very cute outfit of a turtle neck shirt, jeans and a pea-coat. Suuhhhweet! Then Grandma Julia came by for a short visit, on her way through Marin County. That was followed by some nursing and a two hour nap on mom (me). Once awake, we went to the back yard to look at today's progress on replacing the fence between our house and Jack's house. Not bad! Should be done, weather willing, by end of day Christmas Eve. While all bundled up and Davey in the Baby Bjorn, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. While on the walk, we got a call from Grandma Dee, who was in Novato and wanted to come by for a visit. So she did! She brought us a great set of flannel sheets for our new-ish bed, played with Davey and walked with us to the local Japanese restaurant for some dinner.

By the time Mark got home, Davey was pooped! A quick top-off of milk and Davey was crashed on Mark. And within 5 minutes, Mark was crashed, too. Very, very sweet, my boys...

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