Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life on the river

We've had a couple of opportunities to visit Bonnie on the river in the past week. And, in fact, we're planning to spend this next weekend with her, relaxing and unwinding on the river, in the sun.

On this last visit we brought our wonderful friend, Bradford, to enjoy an afternoon of fun and relaxation.

Bonnie is always a wonderful hostess and, needless to say, Davey always has the best time visiting his grandma and playing in the water (and with Cosmo!).

On our most recent visit we picked copious amounts of blackberries and made very little dent in the crops. I suspect we'll pick more berries and I'll be making treats with them when we spend this next weekend up there.

In addition, on this most recent trip, Bradford, Dexter and Davey all experienced kayaking for the first time. Bonnie and I fitted Davey with a life vest and he sat in Mark's lap in the kayak while Mark paddled them around the island in front of Bonnie's house. Davey absolutely loved it. He is such a water baby, which both fills me with joy and terror.

I'll just continue with my job of: make sure he's comfortable with the water, practices the "swimming" moves we learned in YMCA swimming class last year but continues to have respect of the water and knows he's not allowed in without Mom or Dad with him. And keep an eagle eye on him whenever he's around water!

We ended our most recent visit with snacks and drinks at the Highland Dell hotel, in Monte Rio. I'd never been there before but Mark, Davey and Bonnie had eaten supper there a month or so ago and Mark came back raving about it. I suspect we'll go there for dinner one night this coming weekend, as the building is gorgeous, the view beautiful and the food was very tasty!

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