Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy birthday Mark!

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Last night we went out to dinner with Dad, Linda, Polly, Prescott and Roslyn to Boca Restaurant as a late celebration of Mark's birthday (as we were out of town on the actual date).

Davey was restless, but overall he held up quite well.

The rest of us had (it would seem) a great time. Oh, and the food. Yow!! We started off with a round of cocktails -- Mark had a cosmo, I had a lemon drop, Polly a mojito, Dad a prickly pear margarita and Linda a Boca martini. For appetizers, Mark and I split a house salad (nothing extraordinary, but quite good), Polly had the beet salad with lemon creme fraiche (OMG good), Dad had the clam chowder (OMG OMG) and Linda had... shoot, what did Linda have?

The waiter was great and had a long discussion with the kitchen to determine what was "Davey safe" on the kid's menu. The only thing was the Boca sliders with duck fries, but we'd have to do it without the buns as there's egg in the buns. I love that they were conscientious enough to even look in to the bread ingredients. So we ordered the sliders for Davey and the waiter preemptively asked if he should send it out immediately (yes please!). Davey chewed a little of the sliders (adorable little things) but then spit them out. He still doesn't like burgers. He ate a fair number of his DUCK FRIES though. Yum!!

My entree was leg of lamb with mashed potatoes and green beans with a raspberry reduction and a shared side of jalapeno creamed corn with Mark, Mark and Polly got the filet mignon with duck fries and green beans, Rozzie had the chicken fingers (with duck fries!), Dad and Linda had the hangar steak (I didn't take a picture -- what was the side?) and Prescott had a cheeseburger with duck fries. Mmmm, duck fries. Plus we shared a bottle of Roshambo (sp?) Dry Creek zin (yum).

For dessert Polly, Linda and I shared two orders of butterscotch pudding (OMG), Mark had the dulce de leche ice cream with hot fudge cake and fudge sauce and a tasting flight of port (yum). Dad had the quesillo (tasty). I'm not sure what Prescott or Rozzie got. At that point Davey needed to run around so I was mostly chasing he around outside, popping in twice to scarf down the desserts.

We are SO going back. And on Tuesday nights, when bottles of wine are half off.

Oh, and Mark, happy birthday again!

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