Saturday, July 5, 2008

Foggy 4th on SF Bay

Foggy 4th on SF Bay, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

What a fun 4th of July morning we had! Mark headed to the shop first with Davey and I following shortly after. Davey fell asleep near the end of the drive so we hung out in the downtown Sausalito parking lot until he woke, naturally. Then we headed over too the shop, put a chair on the sidewalk out front and the parade started!

Davey greatly enjoyed the parade, as did Mark and I. There were lots of floats with live music, all of which Davey loved, but he loved the Sausalito Art Festival float the most:

Personally, I really liked the Cal Alumni marching band

After the parade, Davey and I played in the Buena Vista Park and the "Cement Park" (where the top photo from this blog post was taken).

Eventually I took Davey home so we'd be there in time for lunch, leaving Mark to work as long as he needed. We got home and Davey had a big lunch of his favorite: left-over pasta e fagioli. And he was very happy. Then I put him down for a nap, which he resisted. It was funny though to hear him alternate between whining/crying and singing the Twinkle Twinkle melody.

After his nap we went for a stroll to the super market to get some groceries and ingredients for dinner. I made up some Davey-safe organic chicken fingers topped with organic honey, served with peas and a dessert of organic strawberry sorbet. Funny kid... he licked the honey a little and then picked the crust off the fingers and ate the chicken. And inhaled the strawberry sorbet, of course. Picture: very, VERY happy Davey. The rest of the evening for Davey was uneventful routine of a little Curious George, a bath, lots of stories and easily going to sleep. He's taken to snuggling with "Lobo" his stuffed wolf when getting in to his crib. So sweet.

Shortly before Davey went to sleep Mark came home from the shop and was feeling siiiiiiiick. Davey said goodnight to him and then went to bed.

Mark had a horrid night, with terrible stomach pain, cramping muscles, chills (but no fever) and lots of evacuation. He was in a terrible state. :-( I went to the store and got him some Keopectate, Saltines and 7-Up. He took one dose of the Keopectate and barfed it up 15 minutes later. :-(

Needless to say, I let Mark take the bed, piling on a couple more thick blankets and I slept on the sofa. After making sure there wasn't anything else Mark needed, of course.

This morning he's not puking anymore, thankfully. He says he barely slept, however, so he's not feeling well from illness as well as lack of sleep. Poor guy.

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