Monday, July 28, 2008

Banner day!

Happy in the yard, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

When I returned home from the office this afternoon, Davey was joyfully playing in the back yard with Marina, and was wearing only some shorts and no diaper. After a little while he was making movements that made me ask him if he needed to go to the bathroom. He nodded and indicated he wanted me to carry him to the bathroom. So I did.

I took off his shorts and he sat on his potty but didn't do anything and quickly got up and ran out and back outside. When we asked him if we could put his shorts back on he ran off and obviously was enjoying just running around naked. Okay, sure, go ahead.

A few minutes later, without any fan fare or asking for help from us, he calmly climbed up the stairs, opened the door to the house, trotted to the bathroom and knocked on the door (because the wind had blown it shut). I opened the door for him (Marina and I were following closely behind out of curiosity) and he immediately sat down on his potty and peed! When he was done he stood up and applauded. Marina and I were in the hallway, outside the bathroom, looking at each other with wide open mouths and joy. We high-fived each other and gave Davey biiiiiig congratulations and praise. Great job, Davey! I then gave Davey a little piece of dark chocolate as a prize, which he was, of course, delighted to receive.

A little while later, he went through the same steps, peeing again. This time we gave him lots of praise and a high five but no chocolate (he didn't seem to expect it and I'm happy to not turn it in to a habit). And again, a while later, he did it for a 3rd time.

Woo hoo!

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