Thursday, March 1, 2007

Forget reading - toes are more interesting!

Today was a day to stay in the house... Once I'd written the entry in the blog last night, Davey woke up and was very, very fussy. Also, he was very congested. I think he's finally come down with the cold that I've been fighting off since last Saturday. So last night we snuggled and I let him sleep on my until 10:30 or so and then put him down. By then he was asleep enough to stay asleep for another 6 hours. Then more feeding, another couple hours of sleep and then more feeding. Today he seemed to need more sleep and was a bit fussy. Still sweet, but definitely seeming not well. No fever thankfully. Just congestion and fussiness.

He did, however, realllly enjoy his bath tonight. He bathed in his own tub tonight, not sharing a big bath with me as last night. But he was having so much fun, kicking like crazy and splashing all over, making himself, me and Mark laugh. Mark shot some video but we'll need to edit it before we can upload to YouTube (it's too large to be uploaded).

Now he's asleep -- hopefully for the night. Hopefully he'll be feeling better in the morning so we can go to Kindermuzik. :-)

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