Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy morning!

What a lovely day Davey had today. And when Davey has a lovely day, so do we!

After a couple early morning feedings, I went to Pilates and left Davey in Mark's apt care. When I returned, Davey had just finished eating nearly 3 ounces of milk from a new bottle and was happily cooing in Mark's arms. By the time I got out of the shower, Davey was asleep on Mark. Once he woke, he was all laughs and smiles, and Mark and he were cooing at each other like never before. Obviously a new bond had been built and I was truly choked up with joy.

Then Davey and I went to have a little floor-time together. I put him on his tummy and all of a sudden, he figured it out -- how to flip over from his tummy to his back. Well done, little guy! He's had the back to tummy roll mastered for a couple months, but this tummy to back was a new and welcome trick. Yayyyy!

After the morning hoopla, we all went for a trip to Sausalito, where we stopped by Sausalito Shirt Co. for Mark to do a little business. Then we went to a place for lunch where I've wanted to go for quite a while: Fish. And it was great. Okay, so it's a tad expensive for daily lunch fare, but oh my GOD, it was great! I had one of the specials of the day: grilled diver scallops with fresh mushrooms on a bed of cauliflower gratin. It was incredible. Mark had the fish taco platter, which he said was very good. Their prices are high, but ya know, it's understandable and I can support it; they're only using sustainably caught/raised fish and locally produced/grown organic produce and dairy. Yeah! Strauss Creamery and Acme Breads, anyone? Mmmm. Let's just say: Mom. Was. Happy.

Next we headed to Babies R Us to get more glass bottles. The new bottle from which Mark fed Davey this morning was a glass bottle with a standard sized nipple (whereas the prior successful feedings had been from wide nippled, plastic bottles). We were so thrilled that he went for the glass bottle this morning (because we were worried he wouldn't go for the smaller nipple). Recent reports have indicated leaching of chemicals from plastic baby bottles, which can cause all kinds of nasty problems later in life for baby. So we want to switch to glass ASAP. So now we've got another 6 glass bottles... away we go!

Tonight I thought it'd be fun to join Davey for his nightly bath. We both greatly enjoyed it! He got to be in a deeper bath and feel what it was like to float freely (with me supporting him and keeping his head out of the water, of course). The boy really does enjoy water. I'm looking forward to swimming lessons!

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  1. Sounds like a great day and so happy to hear it but you got me choking on my coffee over here after reading the baby bottle site.....I think I'm gonna hurl.