Thursday, February 1, 2007

Great-Grandma and Davey

Ahh, what a long day, but well worth it!

Dad so graciously volunteered to shuttle us to and from the airport for this trip -- thank you! He picked us up at 9:15pm on Wednesday night and we got to San Francisco International Airport at 10:05 -- obviously no traffic! We were there easily early enough to upgrade our flight to First Class, which was great. At this point, Davey was already asleep in his car seat. So we carried Davey through the airport in his seat, to the bar/restaurant near the Sun Country gate. There we had a couple drinks, shared some Thai Shrimp Fried Rice and pondered how to deal with Davey on a flight.

We finally took Davey out of his seat (and in to my arms) 5 minutes before the plane was set to board. He didn't bat an eye; he continued sleeping. We boarded and he continued sleeping (and we gate-checked his car seat). After I'd buckled in, he woke up so I nursed him and he promptly fell asleep before we were finished boarding. We took off. He slept. We leveled out. He slept. In fact, he only started waking up as the plane began its descent. At that point, I nursed him, he filled up, looked up at me, smiled and then started gazing at all the interesting new things in his world. We were concerned that we hadn't finished descending by the time he'd finished nursing, so we worried that his ears would hurt. But you know what? He started yawning! Not a fussy PEEP did he make the entire flight. Well done, Davey!!

As we taxied to the gate, the flight crew announced that it was MINUS SIX DEGREES outside, so if we had warm clothes, to put 'em on. Brrrrrr.

Anyway, we were in our rental car, bundled up, GPS unit going and going to the hotel by 7am. Holiday Inn Express in Golden Valley was gracious and let us check in that early (rather than making us wait until 3pm). Thanks! We grabbed some (free) breakfast in the lobby, relaxed in the room and took a nap for a couple of hours (as Mark and I hadn't even slept an hour through the night). After that, we hit Super Target to get some diapers and diaper wipes and junkfood and then went to visit my Grandma (Davey's Great-Grandma) Roslyn Freiberg. My uncle Dan was also there when we got there, so Davey got to meet two new relatives... marvelous!

We spent the afternoon and evening at Grandma's, enjoying conversation and dinner... so good to see her and so great for she and Davey to meet. The traveling and lack of sleep was allll worth it.

Tomorrow -- not sure what we'll do during the day yet. But we'll have family dinner at Michael and Lauren's, and family dinner at Dan and Kaye's on Saturday night. We'll do something fun with Jocelyn and her family on Saturday. I'm sure there's something to do with Super Bowl on Sunday, before our 9:30pm flight home...

Time to get some sleep now. 'Nite, ya'll!

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  1. Love it (except for the minus 6 degrees part - no one except the deranged likes that)! So glad you're here and can't wait to see you all tonight! The kids (well, all of us) are SOOOO excited to meet Davey! And what a great pic of Grandma! XOXOXOXO