Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The newest addition

Mark finally replaced his old truck today. That is, he sold his old truck back in October but hadn't replaced it until today. He worked hard the past week or so to get the best deal possible on this puppy. It's a 2007 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Limited Edition 4x4. Boy is it big! Gas mileage... ugh. I feel like we should buy a Prius to offset the truck!

THAT SAID -- I'm glad we've got the truck! Now we can get up to the snow before it's gone. And we can pick up furniture (we're looking for a desk and book case for Mark). And Mark can easily tow vehicles that he finds. YAYYYYYYYY.

Plus it's got all kinds of goodies. More bells and whistles than my Mercedes, really. DVD GPS navigation, bluetooth hookup for the cell phone, cold weather package, heated seats, dual climate zones, fog lights, in-dash 4-CD changer, running boards, bed liner (it's on order), tow package (of course). We took a ride to Sausalito to run a few errands late this afternoon and it does ride nicely.

When do we go to the snow?


  1. Jess forgot to mention the 'Back Up camera' which also shows up on the nav/gps screen, front and back sonar,LEATHER, Heated mirrors, 20" wheels ! I know I am forgetting a few other things as well. Basically everything i would of wanted in a truck had I ordered it...BUT being as the '07's just came out about 3 weeks ago...It is impossible to order one now as the dealers are scrambling to just get some. Nearly Impossible to boot to find a Used one....with only 500 miles on it..Lucky for me the Owner's wife of 'Mesa Boogie' hated the truck !!!! :-) Nice he took the loss for driving if off the lot,only to return it 5 days later for a hefty loss

  2. Ooooh, Wolf's gonna be jealous! Enjoy!