Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time for food?

So for the past month or so, Davey's been fascinated with what Mommy and Daddy are putting in their mouths. Whenever we eat, he's intently watching the food go from dish to mouth. So every now and then we let him try to drink from our water glasses (he basically sticks his tongue in the water) and have given him small amounts of food. For instance, on St. Patrick's day, I had corned beef hash with poached eggs. He was doing the food stare thing again so I put a tiny bit of egg yolk from my (unseasoned) poached egg on my finger and put it in his mouth. I did that a couple times. And we gave him a tiny bit of mashed up avocado from Mark's dish.

Well a couple days ago, a gift from our friend, Sue, arrived. it's called a Baby Safe Feeder and she said her son, Jimmy, loved it. Basically you can put ANY food in a little mesh bag, and the bag screws on to a holder. In order to get any food out, the baby has to gum/crush the food through the fine mesh holes. It's supposed to make a great teether (think baby carrots, frozen fruit, etc.). NEAT idea! We gave it a try this morning with a piece of semi-frozen banana. Davey wasn't NUTS about it, but he did give it a try for a while. I can see how he could get to enjoy it pretty quickly. Gotta go get some baby carrots tomorrow. :-)

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