Monday, March 26, 2007

A fun weekend!

Jackie came for a visit this weekend, arriving around midnight on Friday night / Saturday morning. It's always great to see her and we have to thank Alaska Airlines for being her client so that Jackie's got lots of excuses to visit the Left Coast.

Saturday morning we realized that the booties she'd crocheted for Davey a few months back now actually fit him. Cute, no?

That evening we decided to barbecue stuff for dinner and, to ensure ensure that Jackie got to see them, invited Dad and Linda over. We ate too much filet mignon, lamb chops, grilled asparagus, grilled portabella mushrooms and salad. So much so, in fact, that we didn't have dessert. *GASP* Now we've got 3 pints of sorbet, a whole pineapple and a TON of macaroons left over at our house. Oh DARN.

Sunday was a dim sum breakfast kind of day. Jackie, Davey, Polly and I drove in to San Francisco together. There we finally got to meet Zoe Browdy, who was born on Thanksgiving last year. Over dumplings the Browdys and I kibitzed about an arranged marriage for our little ones.

Later in the afternoon, Mark, Davey and I headed over to a small gig at a club next to the Post Office in Novato. Davey marked the occassion by wearing his cool denim jacket and some SHOES! How cool does he look?

At the show, Davey reminded me of me... that is, when I was a kid, I could sleep at a concert, no matter how loud. It wasn't all THAT loud at this show, but Davey surprised me by totally crashing out and sleeping very soundly for a nice, long nap. Of course he wasn't asleep the WHOLE time:

After the show we headed home just at Davey's bedtime and finished off the exciting weekend with a nice, relaxing bath. Lately he's been practicing his flexibility and reminding me of Chinese acrobats:

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