Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weaning update: Day 1

Well, nobody slept all that well last night! When Davey doesn't sleep, we don't sleep well either (duh).

Mark got Davey down to sleep fairly quickly, with Davey drinking a big cup of soy-milk, reading a book and then falling asleep in Mark's arms while Mark rubbed his back. Throughout the evening, however, Davey would wake and cry and eventually go back to sleep. He slept soundly, or at least quietly, from about 11 until 4. Then he awoke at 4 and fussed and fussed and fussed. We didn't go and get him, we just lay in bed, willing Davey to go back to sleep. I dozed off and on, so I'm not sure if Davey got any more sleep or not. Eventually we all got up a little before 7. Mark got Davey out of bed, took him to the kitchen where Davey downed half a cup of soy-milk in one big gulp... and so far so good since then.

He's obviously tired and destined for an early nap today. He's tried to lie down in my lap to nurse a couple times, and my reaction was to snuggle and hug him, tell him I loved him and offer him a cup of soy-milk.

I think I've gone up at least a cup size since last night.


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