Thursday, January 31, 2008

Davey's learning how to hunt buses

Have I posted how we're looking for a nanny again? I'm not sure, actually! Marina, who we absolutely love, went back to school earlier this month and can now only work on Mondays and Thursdays. While we go through the (painful) process of finding another nanny, Mark is taking care of Davey Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so that I can get my work done. So far he's been able to find people to cover the shop so that he can do that. Meanwhile, we're also searching for nannies.

That said, Mark is always hunting for cars, too. I mean, that's Mark, right?

Yesterday Mark had a couple buses to look at on the outskirts of Vacaville so he took Davey with him. Davey slept on the drive there (at least he got a good nap!) and then got to see a couple buses and some chickens, which he loved, of course. This was Davey's second bus hunting trip in a month; the first being in Bolinas a few weeks ago with both Mark and I.

Mark is training Davey in the art of hunting buses.

God help us all.

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