Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting better all the time

Wow, today marked a new milestone: David awoke and didn't cry to get our attention! Plus, it was 7am!

Mark has been putting David to bed since last Wednesday night and it seems to have been getting a bit easier each night. Mark said that they played and read together last night until Davey pointed to the light, which means, "Okay, please turn off the light; I'm ready to go to sleep." Once Mark turned off the light, Davey was asleep, snuggled against Mark, very quickly. So fast, in fact, that Mark didn't have time to dress David in his Sleep Sack.

Around 10, I went in and David was so sound asleep that I was able to dress him in his sleep sack without disturbing even his breathing rhythm.

Beyond that, he simply slept all through the night!

At 6am, I heard him fuss for less than a minute and then quiet. I closed my eyes again and the next time I opened my eyes it was after 7 and I could hear Davey babbling to himself, happily, in his crib. That was the first time he's woken in his crib and not cried. He's in the best mood today, too.


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