Wednesday, January 9, 2008

15 Month Update

Today Davey had his 15 month well-baby visit (he turned 15 months old on Monday) and got a nice, clean bill of health. While he's still light enough to not be on the weight chart, he has continued to grow along an acceptable curve. He's still too light to sit in a forward-facing car seat though. D'oh! So much for that Christmas present I gave Davey, huh? We'll have to wait for a bit longer.

Hey, I got a new seat!

Here are his official stats!

Weight: 18lbs-14oz (+1lb-4oz in 3 months)
Length: 30-1/2" (+1" in 3 months ~45th percentile)
Head circum: 19" (+1/2" in 3 months ~75th percentile)

I've been concerned that he's not getting enough fat in his diet so I brought that up. What with being allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts and being told to stay away from shellfish, just in case, it's not as though there are a lot of high fat foods that we can feed David. When I read the nutrition labels on the full-fat soy milk a week ago, it turns out there's 1g less fat in whole-fat soy milk than in low-fat cow's milk. If David could drink cow's milk, he'd be drinking whole milk because babies need the fat for brain and nerve development. Ack! I found that Silk makes a variety of organic soy milk that contains extra Omega-3 fatty acids, which increases the fat to 5 grams per serving (as opposed to 4 for the regular soy milk). Even so, the lack of fat in his diet worries me. Dr. Lee could understand my concerns and gave us a referral to a pediatric nutritionist so we can find ways to get more calories and fat in to Davey. I've since called and left a message to make an appointment.

Then it was time for his 15 month vaccinations. He was due to get the MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines. However, because of his egg allergies, they wouldn't do the MMR vaccine. Instead, the vaccination will be done by Davey's allergist, at the allergist's office. The way it will work is that we will pick up two doses of the MMR vaccine from the pediatrician, take it with us to the allergist's office, the allergist will use some of the 1st dose for a skin test and, if Davey doesn't react badly to the skin test, the allergist will administer the 2nd dose. FUN (not!).

He cried when he got his Chicken Pox vaccine, but got over it quickly. Then, because he didn't sleep well last night and, I think, combined with the vaccination excitement of the morning, he took a 2 hour long, exhausted, nap in the late morning. Then ate two bowls of his new favorite dish: pasta e fagiole. Late in the afternoon Mark, David and I went to the Northgate mall so David could run free in large, dry, warm open spaces.

Last but not least -- we found out yesterday that our wonderful nanny, Marina, is going to stop working for us in a couple weeks. She's going to be taking courses at College of Marin starting the week of January 21 and from that point on will only be able to work (maybe) on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm so sad about losing her, but I understand. We're going to miss her... And now we have to find another nanny. God I hate having to find a nanny.

Hm. This is a little bit of a downer post, isn't it? I'll endeavor to write something more upbeat in the next day or two.

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