Thursday, January 10, 2008

A good mood day

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All in all, it was a lovely day and Davey was in a great mood. Okay, so he had a two hour nap this morning because he slept to poorly the night before. But after the nap he was a smiling bundle of energy with a big appetite.

After Marina left, Davey and I ventured out to Costco where, in between bites of fruit leather and dried fruit, Davey charmed surrounding patrons. What with the gray and drizzly weather, there wasn't much more we could do outside the home, so we went back in to our cozy abode. Davey played while I cooked up one of his favorite meals: pasta with meat and veggie tomato sauce.

At one point I looked in to the living room and Love Shack had just come on the radio. Davey was standing in front of the speakers, twisting his body, waving his hands in the air, doing squats and doing his general style of dance and smiling. He was absolutely adorable!

All in all, he was just Mr. Smiley all day long and a joy to be around.

When Mark got home from work, Davey was ready for bed, so Mark did the honors. So far so good!

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