Monday, April 30, 2007

Whaddaya know? We DO look related!

Finally, I can see that he looks at least a little like me and not so completely like Mark. He's got my eyes, just as I've suspected... but this photo, taken by Mark this morning, shows it. Yay!

Sure do love that little guy.

Oh, but you've heard that before, eh?

This was a pretty fun past weekend. While Mark worked on Saturday morning and early afternoon, Davey and I got to play together. Then Mom came over, I got dressed up, Mark got home and Mom and I left together, leaving Mark and Davey to hang out with each other for the rest of the day and in to the evening. While Mark (successfully) put Davey to bed for the first time (without me), Mom and I went to the Marin Country Day School 50th anniversary celebration. We met up with uncle Doom and aunt Mihoko at the alumni gathering at the beginning and then sat with uncle Tom during the sit down dinner. Tom was there as he's a parent of a current MCDS student, Elena, while Mom, Doom and I were there because we're all alumni of the school. Oh, and it was Mihoko's birthday -- happy birthday again, Mihoko! Mom ran in to a number of alumni from her class ('63) and Doom's class ('61), while I also ran in to a number of classmates of my own ('81). I really enjoyed talking with John McLaughlin and David Evans, both of whom I hadn't seen since graduation day in 1981. John's got two daughters going to MCDS now and said that one of our former teachers is now head of admissions... here's hoping he's still in that position in 5 years, when it's time for Davey to start there. :-) All in all, this being the first time I've got to anything reunion-like, it was really, really fun and I was very happy to have gone.

Yesterday, Sunday, Mark helped Polly and Garrie with moving some furniture and moving things that had been delivered from Grandma's estate. After he was done with that (thank you sweetie!), he went to work at the shop for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Davey and I went up to Mom and Mick's to have a barbecue and meet Mick's two nieces, Joanna and Emma. This was Joanna and Emma's first trip to the U.S. though they're both quite well traveled. Mick was really giving them a full-blown feast of Northern California living, including mud baths and massages in Calistoga, a sunrise balloon ride over Napa valley, drinks and dining at some of the best establishments in the Napa valley... ending with a small, delicious barbecue around the pool with close glamorous friends and family. Very nice! Perhaps they'll be seduced in to moving here. I must admit that they're really interesting and lovely ladies and we'd be all the richer to have them closer (than England and Saudi Arabia, where they currently reside).

I had planned on taking Davey swimming for the first time yesterday, in Mom and Mick's pool. Unfortunately, it was a bit too cool out to want to go in, myself, much less subject Davey to it. So... perhaps Maui will be the location of his first swim. I'm signing him up for YMCA infant swimming lessons this Summer, too.

Note to anyone hanging with Davey: Please don't feed him eggs.

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