Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A day with grandparents

Mowing the lawn with Grandma Julia - 186 days old
Today Mark needed to be out of town all day and in to the night, so we needed someone to take care of Davey while I conducted a usability test and did other work. Thankfully we were able to enlist my mom to come over and spend the day with us. Yayyyy Mom! Also, with the concern that Mom might not be able to get here in time for the start of my first usability test, at 8am, Dad came over to watch Davey until Mom got here. Lucky that he did, because the rain caused Mom to be running behind by about ten minutes. Davey's sure lucky to have such great grandparents!

Mom and Dad took great care of Davey while I couldn't... thank you both!

Mom decided she wanted to mow the lawn. She says she enjoys it. Bless you Mom, because our lawn really needed it. So she put Davey in the Baby Bjorn and took him with her to mow both the front and the back yards. Most of the time, so long as the electric motor was whirring, Davey sang along. How cute is that?!

Mom took Davey for a walk at one point and couldn't resist going in to a toy store called Five Monkeys. There she found some stacking cups that Davey absolutely had to have. In fact, he really enjoys them:

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  1. That's so interesting! Davey looks very interested in mowing. His grandmother looks very strong! :)