Saturday, April 7, 2007

6 months old?!

Seriously... I know everyone says that kids grow up so fast, but I had no clue how quickly time would move! Time has gone in to overdrive since Davey was born six months ago. Wow, this time six months ago, the feeling was nearly completely back to my legs and I was "dangling" off the side of the bed and gazing at my little one's face in the bassinette next to me.

Now he's just gone to bed after a fun day. He kept himself company for his first 30 minutes awake today, making some noise, but not crying or fussing. Today we practiced sitting like a tripod, crawling, we danced and sang, we read some books and he got to play with some fun cubes that he got last Christmas (and he's old enough for now). Then we all went for a walk to the bank and on the way, who should we run in to but the Easter Bunny! Apparently, as you can see by his smile, he liked the ol' hopper. Next year I bet he'll really like Mr. Bunny when he's old enough for Easter deliveries!

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