Monday, April 16, 2007

Ta da!!! 191 days old

Ta da!!! 191 days old
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We're having a surprisingly difficult time getting Davey to start eating. We're working on the second week of cereal now and trying to devise ways to get more food in to him. Last night I fed him a bit of milk first and then I held him on my lap while Mark fed him with the spoon. Davey was happy, didn't fuss and ate a little more than on previous evenings.

Tonight I was on my own with him and pondering what to do. I tried making the cereal really runny and also, as he always wants to drink out of our cups, put a little of my milk in to one of his cups. Then I let him drink a little out of his cup and then tried feeding him some cereal. Initially that worked, for the first couple bites, but then he started turning away. But he really wanted to play with the spoon and cup. So I poured the rest of the cereal in to his cup, let him play with the spoon and then let him try to drink his cereal from his cup (with a little guiding hand from me). He had a blast, got super messy and ate more cereal than any time past. Perhaps this will be our routine for a little while... it was pretty fun!

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