Tuesday, April 3, 2007

First baseball game and FIRST CRAWL!

Most exciting, by far: Davey's really starting to be able to move himself about! This evening he... okay, it's not really a crawl, but he scooted on his stomach, hands and legs about 3 feet from me to Mark on the couch. He's stopped getting upset about being put on his stomach to play and is truly figuring out how to move himself. Excellent!

Alright -- then next... we had a great time at the San Francisco Giants opening day. Even though the Giants LOST, and lost BIG. Oh well. The weather was beautiful, Prescott was with us (he raised his report card to all A's and maintained it for the treat of skipping school and going today), Davey was tricked out in Giants wear (enough to keep the sun off his sensitive skin) and we got to see our seat-mates. Definitely a fun day!

Davey didn't eat as much as usual today; I suspect there was just so much going on that he was too distracted. He did manage to nap a couple of times during the game, as well as in the car on the way there in the morning. But all in all, he didn't nap nearly as much as usual and by 7 o'clock tonight he was very ready for his bath, a short bite to eat (shorter than usual) and immediately falling deeply asleep. Aside from crying when the fly-over happened, he seemed to kinda like the day.

Play ball!

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