Monday, June 30, 2008

Poor pukey boy

Davey, Mommy and Daddy, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

I was up and out of the house before 6 this morning in order to get to the office ahead of the commute traffic. When I stepped out of the shower I heard Davey let out one big cry, but then he was silent, so I didn't dare go in his room before I left, so as not to wake him. Thus, I didn't get to see our sweet little guy this morning.

Mark emailed me at 7:15 to say that he got out of bed shortly after I left the house, and that Davey still wasn't awake. A few minutes later I got an email from Mark saying that he'd gone in and gotten Davey up but that there was puke all over him, the crib and his stuffed wolf (that he's lately taken to snuggling with when he sleeps). Aww, poor little Davey's sick.

Nobody who we ate with yesterday is reporting ill, so it is likely not food poisoning. He must have picked up a virus somewhere over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Mark's home with pukey boy and I'm at the office.

Last report from Mark is that Davey is sitting with Marina, on the sofa, watching Curious George on TV. Marina's making some oats, in hopes that Davey will eat some (he's been rejecting everything else). The Pedialyte pops aren't frozen yet so I called and suggested one of the pineapple popsicles I'd made a couple weeks ago. I was on the phone with Mark when he got the popsicle out and I heard Davey say, "Oooooo!!!!" and then I heard slurping. Gooood.

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