Sunday, June 8, 2008

A festivus weekend!

Wavy Gravy, Davey and I, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

Uh, maybe not Festivus, but festival full, warm, musical and very fun. Sadly, Mark lost out on our fun as he was in LA for an annual car show -- getting to do what he thinks is fun.

The Novato Art & Wine Festival was held over the weekend, running town the street behind our home. Davey and I went over for a while early Saturday afternoon, buying a cute shirt for him, some snacks (for him) and listening to the bands that were playing. After a while it was just getting too hot so we headed home. On the way back, Davey was enthralled with two fire engines parked along the street. A very nice Novato Fire Fighter talked with Davey for a little while and gave him an "honorary junior fire fighter" badge. Happy Davey!

Then, as it was hot, we went to the back yard where the willow tree casts plenty of shade this time of year, filled up the wading pool and Davey ran around naked for a couple hours, happy as can be. Hanging out in the back yard we could hear the band playing at the festival, only a block away. The Journey cover band (apparently all black?) sounded so spot on, if I didn't know a cover band was scheduled on the bill, I would have thought it was the original band, including Steve Perry.

After Davey's dinner we headed back over to the festival to meet up with Linda and dance to the English Beat. They were GREAT! Davey was dancing and did a little bit of pogo-dancing, even.

Today, Sunday, Dad picked Davey and I up and we rode with him to the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa. Jefferson Starship was on the bill at 2pm and we got there maybe by 1 or so? This was Davey's 2nd time at a concert, the first since he began walking (and dancing). The atmosphere back stage was relaxed and comfortable and Davey could run around. For the show we stood on the stage, behind or to the side of the band. At first I held Davey and danced. Eventually I put him down and he had a great time dancing, checking out other kids, flirting with people, applauding and hooting at the appropriate times. All in all, it was a LOT of fun!

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