Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tide pooling on a beautiful Sunday

Hermit Crab, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

Today the forecast was for beautiful weather all over the San Francisco Bay Area. The Summer fog hasn't yet crept in, so the coast would be clear but a little cooler than the high 80s forecast for inland (read: home). I looked at the tide charts and low tide at Agate Beach in Bolinas was scheduled for 1:50pm. How perfect!

We put together a picnic lunch for Davey, left at 11am, stopped at a deli to pick up sandwiches for Mark and I and hit the road for Bolinas. It was Davey's nap time and he was literally asleep by the time he was buckled in to his car seat in the deli parking space. He slept for the hour long drive to Agate Beach. Wow, what great tide-pools!

Polly and Rozzie met us in the parking lot with their own lunches. We walked down the short path to Agate "Beach," which is more rock than beach, and picked a mostly flat area for our little lunch-time picnic. After eating a bit, it was time to explore, and explore we did.

Davey seemed to find it interesting but really wanted to get down an walk. The couple times I let him walk, he'd step in the water and risk slipping (on the kelp). He did trip a couple times, getting (very) minor abrasions on his shin. He never hurt himself badly enough to get upset. The only reason he ever got upset was when he wanted to get down!! After a while we went back to the beach area to get Davey a drink. Mark and Davey then wandered down the beach, where it was safe(r) for Davey to run around, while I joined Polly and Rozzie on the reef.

Ah, the temperature was wonderful, the sea life beautiful, the company marvelous.

We'll be back!

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