Wednesday, April 9, 2008

18 Month Update

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This morning Davey had his 18 month well-baby check-up and he was in a spectacularly good mood. He was energy boy from the minute I took him from his crib!

While in the the examination room, Davey was happily running around, climbing the chair, pushing the chair around, dancing atop the exam table. He didn't cry or get upset when Dr. Lee examined him or when the nurse measured him. Once he began to fuss a little but quickly turned it around in to a laugh when Dr. Lee palpated his tummy.

Then, joy! Dr. Lee's dog, Lucy, came in to the room. Happy, happy, happy! Squeals of delight from Davey as he got down on the ground and patted the funny little dog. She's mutt with some pekinese in her, as evidenced by her severe under bite. Davey was in heaven.

Results of the visit:
* He's got another ear infection (which I suspected starting yesterday afternoon)
* Weight: 20lbs exactly. That's up 1lb-2oz from 3 months ago.
* Height: 32". Up 1-1/2" from 3 months ago.
* Head: 19-1/8". Up 1/8' from 3 months ago.

He's still not on the weight chart, but he's following along his own growth curve just fine. Height and head-size are still following along the middle of the averages. Davey's doing great!

Because he's got an ear infection, and now on antibiotics for the next ten days, he wasn't given any vaccines today. We'll go back to the doctor in two weeks, they'll check his ear and then, if he's free of infection, he'll get his vaccines.

Upon returning home, Marina was here and Davey had a great time playing with her while Mark and I got a bunch of work done. After lunch Davey fell asleep and, as Mark was home and I was working, Marina left early, knowing Davey wouldn't wake up until after her regular time anyway.

Davey had a good time playing with Mark after he woke and while I continued jamming on work (lots of icons in my life right now).

While griding on work I had the TV on to follow the Olympic Torch Relay fiasco in San Francisco. That was entertaining, even if I was only listening most of the time.

At 3:30 Polly IM'd me, asking if I was coming. D'oh! I was so engrossed with work that I'd nearly spaced out on Prescott's track meet! Prescott's first race was the1600 meter, scheduled to start ~4:10 in Petaluma. Quick, Mark, get Davey together and let's go!

We got there just a few minutes before Prescott's race began. He kicked butt, with a commanding lead most of the race and he handily won. Great run, Presky!

Floating on air

Later his stomach started hurting and it was getting cold and he didn't do nearly as well during his second event, the 800 meter. Regardless, he soldiered through and was a great sport.

Ow, my stomach!!

By then it was late for Davey's dinner so we headed back to Novato quickly and had dinner at El Encanto where Davey ate chicken I'd brought and Mark's black beans and rice.

Taking beans off Daddy's plate

All in all? It was a very good day.

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