Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Davey's 18 month birthday

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How did we celebrate his 1-1/2 year birthday? Well the Giants were kind enough to schedule their home opener on that very day. So we celebrated Davey's birthday with a ferry ride to/from San Francisco and the long walk to/from AT&T Park to/from the ferry building.


The Giants didn't cooperate enough to actually play well or win, but it was still the home opener, the sun was out, it wasn't too cold, the jet fly-over didn't freak out Davey this year (as opposed to last year -- what a difference a year makes) and the garlic fries tasted good.

Baseball is here

Oh, and our new seats have an excellent view!

Davey particularly enjoyed his first ferry ride. Mark and I (mostly Mark) took Davey out on deck a few times, which he loved! The exposures were limited as it wasn't all that warm, but they were long enough for Davey to thrill in the wind, water and the occasional seagull.

Contrary to appearances, he was having a great time

Mark and I enjoyed food that we picked up at the ferry building for dinner before we got on the return ferry. Mark got his favorite cheese wheel from and a chicken pot pie from Gold en Gate Meat Company. I got a delicious steamed chicken bun, 5 spice chicken with vermicelli and coconut water from the ever delicious Out the Door (the take-out arm of Slanted Door).


Based on yesterday's experience, I think we might be able to go to more games this year than last. If we're both there, we can take turns accompanying Davey as he runs around. It's not as though the games will be so riveting we won't be able to tear ourselves away or anything. ;-)


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