Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can't. Stay. Awake.

Can't. Stay. Awake.
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Ah, poor baby. Davey's definitely not up to his usual self today. At 4:30 this morning he was very, very upset and insisted that someone (Mark) get up with him. He promptly drank an entire cup of soy milk. Then Mark brought him to bed with us an he went back to sleep until about 6:30.

He was in a pretty darned good and perky mood all day. However he hd diarrhea and absolutely would not take a nap. We tried putting him down twice, giving him plenty of time to put himself to sleep. He just wouldn't do it. One time Mom tried taking him for a stroll, he in his sleep sack, but after half a block, she said he was wide awake, babbling and excited to be out in the world.

He got to go to the park, go for two strolls, play with Marina, Bonnie, Cosmo (Bonnie's miniature pincer) and my mom (and me, of course). When I changed his diaper in the late afternoon, as dinner was cooking, I saw that he had a mean diaper rash beginning (from the diarrhea, I'm sure) so to his delight, I let him run around naked in the back yard for a while.

Finally, I sat him down for dinner at 5:15. He ate a bite or two, chugged soy milk and then started fussing. What you see in this video is what I saw just before I got him out of his chair, in to his sleep sack and in to his crib. Thankfully, as he's got that rash starting, I'd liberally applied diaper creme in his last diaper. Now he is OUT, asleep, much earlier than his usual bedtime.

Shoot. I didn't get a chance to give him tonight's dose of antibiotics!

*Update: After an hour of sleep, Davey awoke crying and verrrrry unhappy. He had a bit of a fever and I think he was feeling pretty badly. I gave him a dose of Motrin for the fever and pain associated with an ear ache and teething, his evening dose of antibiotics and he chugged a cup of soy milk. Then he was content to snuggle in my arms for an hour until he fell peacefully back to sleep.

He awoke next at 4am, crying, exactly 8 hours after his previous dose of Motrin. I got up, gave him some Motrin, he chugged a half cup of soy milk, inhaled a cup of soy yogurt and was then content to go back to bed with Mark and I. He awoke next at 6:15am, chirpy and happy and ready for a brand new day.

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