Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mango Tangelo sorbet

Davey approved!

Also known as: Kid tested, mother approved. ;-)

Helping clean the bowl

Last week's organic produce delivery contained a few mangoes and several minneola tangelo and I decided to make a sorbet for Davey (and the rest of our family) to enjoy from those delicious fruits. The mangoes were a little small, not living up to the quantity required in the recipe for Mango Sorbet in The Perfect Scoop, so the thought of those tangelos added to them popped in to my head.

First off, it certainly looks pretty. Second, and most importantly, it tastes great and Davey and I love it. When Mark gets home, we'll see what his taste buds have to say.

Mango Tangelo Sorbet
Adapted from a recipe for Mango Sorbet in The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz

2 smallish mangoes
3 tangelos
2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup water
1 tablespoon Grand Marnier
Pinch of kosher salt

Tangelo zest and mango

Peel the mangoes and cut the flesh away from the pit. Cut the flesh in to chunks and put them in a blender with the sugar, water, Grand Marnier and salt. Add the zest of two of the tangelos and, using a grapefruit knife, add the flesh of the tangelos (but not the membranes or the pith). Squeeze any excess juice in to the blender, as well.

The debris

Puree the mixture until smooth. Chill the mixture thoroughly, then freeze in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Mango Minneola Tangelo Sorbet

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