Friday, March 7, 2008

Events of the week -- starting with an allergic reaction

Puffy eyes the morning after

Yeah, the above photo shows why we don't feed dairy, eggs or peanuts to Davey. Sunday night I went to the movies with Linda to see The Other Boleyn Girl and meanwhile Mark gave Davey his bath and put him to bed. Yay, right? Well... I got home and at 10pm Davey started crying loudly and would not quiet. He doesn't usually wake at that time of night so I went in to comfort him, thinking maybe he had a nightmare or something. He was absolutely apoplectic and inconsolable. He cried and cried and cried, struggled to get out of my arms but then freaked out when I set him down. He was so upset he didn't know what to do.

He's been teething so I tried giving him some infant Motrin to help with the pain, if that was the problem. That didn't help. He gave me the sign for "drink," so I brought out the cup of soy milk in the fridge, left over from what Mark gave him at bed time and he took some gulps. A few minutes later he started crying harder again and rubbing his eyes uncontrollably. Then I saw that his eyes were swollen and his face was red, but I couldn't tell if the red face was because of all his high-energy crying nor if his eyes were puffy because he was rubbing them or if he was rubbing them because they were puffy. I looked all over his body and didn't see any hives, and I listened carefully to the sound of his breathing, which seemed okay. So I was struggling to figure out what was wrong and what, if anything, was giving him an allergic reaction.

All in all, it was horrible!

Eventually he did calm down enough for me to put him in his crib, though he was still crying. After about 20 minutes of rubbing his back and singing to him, he fell back go sleep. That was around 11:30.

Needless to say, he slept but I did not. I was constantly going in to check on his breathing and was strung out.

In the morning, around 5am, his eyes were still terribly swollen. However, he was in a chipper mood (unlike me, the zombie) and was eager to eat his steel cut oats. While eating his oats he, of course, signalled that he wanted to drink. So I got out the cup of left over soy milk from the fridge and gave him a few sips. Five minutes later, Davey rubbed his eyes. Oh CRAP!

I took a sniff of his soy milk and it didn't quite smell right. Nor did it look quite as creamy-colored as usual. So I took a sip and it didn't taste quite right, though it didn't taste exactly like cow milk either. I did a little taste test with a new cup of soy milk and a cup of cow milk... what I think happened was that Mark used the dinner's left over cup of soy milk for putting Davey to bed, but added more "milk," from the carton. But grabbed the wrong carton and added cow milk instead of soy milk. I dumped the milk in that cup and Davey's been fine ever since.


Otherwise, Davey's had a pretty fun week so far. He got to spend all day Monday with Grandma Julia and Grandpa Mick, where he got to see horses, chase chickens, pet dogs and cats, throw leaves in to the pool and listen and dance to music with his uncle Jack. Marina was here to play with Davey on Tuesday and Thursday, and Grandma Julia took care of him Thursday afternoon as well.

I think Grandma Julia will be taking care of Davey again today (Friday) up at her house, so that Mark can work on a car at his dad's shop and I can do my Sybase work and then get my hair cut and colored.

We interviewed a potential nanny on Wednesday and we think we'll like her. Her name is Diane and she's friends with Dad and Linda from their Buddhist practice. She doesn't have a lot of professional nanny experience, per se, but she loves kids, is very nice, smart, lives close by, is looking for part-time work and has plenty of non-professional experience helping friends raise their children. She's going to work a half-day next Wednesday and we'll see how we like her and how she likes it. If all goes well, she would work on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays, with Marina continuting to work on Mondays and Thursday mornings (and Mom on Thursday afternoons).

Lastly, we're painting the exterior of our house! Our painter, Chuck, prepped a lot last week, finished this week and put on the main color on the house and the garage yesterday. He'll do a second coat on the front of the house today and perhaps he'll start doing the trim today. So far so good! We'll put up photos when the painting's done.

I'm ready for the weekend (though it's not going to be any more laid back).

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