Sunday, March 30, 2008

A beautiful day at Howarth Memorial Park

Today was a gorgeous, sunny, blue-skied, mild Spring day. It is most definitely Spring here in Northern California. Mark went to the exhibition game of the Giants vs A's with his friend, Gerald, to sit in our new seats at AT&T Park. He sent a photo and said that the seats are awesome. I'll get to see for myself at the home opener on April 7.
At any rate, Davey and I went to Howarth Memorial Park in Santa Rosa and met up with Mom, Mick and Jack. What a great park! Of course it has tennis courts, a baseball diamond and picnic areas. However it's got so much more: lakes, paddle boats, a train, merry go round, snack shacks and several playgrounds. I bet there is more but I that's all I saw today, on our first visit.

First time on the carousel

Davey got to ride on the merry-go-round for the first time in his life. He was pretty scared by it beforehand, but he sat on my lap, on the bench seat, and kept his fear mostly in check, while I talked with him about what was going on. Later, he enjoyed watching the merry-go-round from afar, but when asked if he'd like to ride it again, he'd quickly shake his head, "No."

Playing with sand and water

After that, it was time to explore the playgrounds. Davey was in heaven as there were two sand and water areas, lots and lots of kids around, slides, caves in which he could draw with chalk... it was a toddler's paradise!

Davey and Mick

After horsing around on the playground, we all went for a walk along the shore of the lake. Atop the dam, Davey obviously wanted to walk down the hill. Mom... er... Grandma Julia, took his hand and they ran down the hill together.

Mom and Jack

Plus there were lots of friendly dogs we encountered all day. Lucky, lucky Davey!

Davey napped as we drove home and, upon our return to the house, he got to eat a dinner of pasta with meat and vegetable sauce and some cubes of tofu (he LOVES tofu). While he ate I churned up some mango and tangelo sorbet, which Davey got to have for dessert. Uh... he LOVED it.

Risky Business

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