Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One year well-baby visit

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Hi all! This morning David had his one-year well-baby visit with Dr. Lee. Aside from having a cold and still having allergies to eggs and dairy, Dr. Lee pronounced Davey as perfect. Who didn't know that? Ha!

In terms of the cold, Dr. Lee checked David's ears to check to see if any ear infections have started. His ears are perfect.

In terms of the allergies, I described what happened when I put dots of raw egg white, egg yolk and liquid milk on Davey's skin. He said he'd like us to take David to an allergist to do real allergy testing to see what, exactly, he's allergic to, and to what degree. It's possible he's only got a topical allergic reaction, and that he could eat dairy or eggs with only a rash as a problem. Or we could find that he's highly allergic to something and that we should keep an Epi-pen on hand. The allergists he recommended, Dr. Tam and Dr. German, are the doctors I already go to for my asthma. I also went to school with Dr. German's son, Donald Jr. It's a small world! Drs. Tam and German are both very busy men, apparently. We'll take David to see Dr. German at his next available appointment: November 27! Until that visit, we'll continue to avoid eggs and dairy in David's diet.

Dr. Lee went on to say that he'd like to see David drink a lot more soy milk than we're currently giving him, as now that he's in his second year we need to increase his calcium intake. He also said that he's a proponent of weaning off breast feeding after one year. Though he admitted that La Leche League would kill him for saying that. His view is that there are obvious benefits to breast feeding for the first year, but beyond the first year breast feeding becomes more of a pacifier and that David should be getting the majority of his caloric intake from solid food at this point.

I'm not sure how I feel about weaning him just yet, so I'm taking that advice under consideration. However I've asked Marina to start giving Davey soy milk instead of my breast milk when they go to the park or I'm otherwise not available to nurse him. Maybe we'll start slowly weaning him now, mostly to ensure he's getting soy milk to ensure he's getting the calcium he needs.

And, finally, to his stats:
Length/height: 29-1/2"
Weight: 17lbs-10oz
Head: 18-1/2"

And, lastly, David got some vaccinations: HIB and Hep-B. The nurse was going to also give him a flu vaccine, but I told her that he was allergic to eggs, so no flu shot for him. Now it's ultra-important that Mark and I get our flu shots. Heck, we should pay for Marina to get her flu shot too, if her insurance doesn't cover it.

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