Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy birthday David!

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Our sweet baby David is now a year old! Yes, everyone kept (okay, still keeps) telling us that time flies when you have a baby. I always agreed with them and said I understood. And I still suppose I did understand, but until you've got a kid, it's impossible to realize just how fast time zooms by.

We celebrated his birthday with a party filled with family. Everyone brought something tasty to share for lunch and we supplied the hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, Chinese chicken salad, cinnamon ice cream, chocolate ice cream, crystal geyser sparkling water and organic sodas. As befitting a Freiberg (or Merz) family gathering, there was too much food and it was all fabulous. Go family!

Everyone was so generous in their time and gifts to David. It's marvelous to see him well loved.


For his part, Davey seemed to enjoy watching everyone (he IS a real people watcher), crawling around, playing with his toys, eating lunch al fresco with everyone and getting to eat birthday cake.


He did need to escape to the quiet of his room a couple of times, which is understandable. It was a lot of commotion and action for one little guy to take in. Once everyone was gone, we had a quiet time, the three of us, opening the remainder of his gifts. Davey's having a good time exploring all his new toys and books. Thank you everyone!

After a quiet dinner for the three of us, Davey had a nice, big-boy bath in the adult-sized tub with some new bubble bath. Mmmm, fun! Mark gave him a new hair-do:

A new hairstyle for a new year

While having his bath, Dad and Linda stopped by on their way home from the airport. They'd had a gig in Florida on Saturday and spent Sunday aboard aircraft, flying home... on their anniversary... in different rows. Awww. :-( But they were happy to be home and together. After visiting a while and bringing Davey a really cute card, they headed out to have a romantic anniversary dinner at Kitchen on Grant Avenue. Happy Anniversary, Dad and Linda!

And speaking of anniversaries... Happy anniversary David and Dee Merz!

October 7 is a great day.

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  1. We were so glad to be a part of Davey's party....and always glad that we are a part of his life. Wolf and Morgan are very sad they couldn't be there too! Happy Birthday, Sweetest Boy. We love you! The Schusters