Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grape stomp!

Grape stomp!, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

I'm a bit behind on my blogging due to David getting a nasty stomach bug last weekend and then, as he was on the upswing, I came down with it and was semi-comatose for two days.

So I apologize for being brief, but I fear I'll never get around to blogging about our activities if I wait until I have the time and/or energy!

So -- on October 21, Mom and Mick had a little "gleaning party," where we picked grapes that were left over on their Cabernet grape vines. The official harvest for their Owl Ridge wine was about a week prior and there were still plenty of grapes left that were ripe and ready to eat or process for food or drink.

Cabernet grapes!

Davey started feeling sick first thing that morning but, as Mom pointed out, he could just as easily feel sick in the vineyard as he could at home. So in between feeling sick and puking, he enjoyed going up and down the rows and tasting the grapes.

And eat them?

While at Mom's we helped make some grape jelly. I haven't tasted it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately, just as we were all about to sit down and have a hearty lunch, Davey decided to puke all over us both so we had to take a nice, warm shower and change clothes.

"Oh, I don't feel well"

So we went home and just had a mellow rest of the day together. Poor little guy. Once he was asleep for the night I made some grape sorbet from a recipe of, as usual, the amazing David Lebovitz and his book The Perfect Scoop. Most tasty!

Cabernet Sorbet

The next day we went to the doctor who said it was a bug going around and to just make sure he got lots of fluids. By that afternoon his appetite was back and he was in a chipper mood. And then... that night... it hit me. Ugh.

But we're all better now in Merzville. Happy and healthy!

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