Sunday, January 11, 2009

An exciting potty day!

Yesterday Davey was eager to NOT use his potty chair and have me, instead, hold him over the adult toilet. He'd first experienced with being held over the potty was on new year's day when we were at the Russian River and hadn't brought his potty chair. I took yesterday's desire to use the adult potty as a sign that he's ready to move up from the potty chair and to the adult toilet from now on.

So today he and I went to Target and picked out a potty ring to put on top of the adult sized seat. There were a couple styles and I let him pick out the one he liked best (yay, it's made in the USA, too!). I also bought a two-step wooden step-stool to place beside the toilet so he can get up and down on his own.

The minute I took the ring out of the packaging, Davey asked me to take off his diaper so he could pee. I put the ring on, put him on the ring and he peed with some happiness. Then I put the step-stool next to it. That was 15 minutes ago and he has since peed 4 times, the last time exclaiming, "This is fuuuuuun!"

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