Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dairy? That Davey can eat?

Dary? That Davey can eat?, originally uploaded by jessicafm.

Oh my gosh... I think I may have found a dairy that Davey can have!!

I stopped at the Bellwether Farms stand at the farmer's market this morning and their sheep's milk yogurt container said that it was a delicious alternative for people who are allergic to cow milk based yogurt! They gave out tastings (very good, by the way) and a dab on Davey's cheek did not result in hives on his face!

I bought a container of their vanilla flavor (hey, vanilla bean specks in it and it's organic, too) to try at home. I gave him a spoonful after lunch and he had no signs of allergy. A while later he ate a few more bites and still no rash!

Oh my goodness... If this works out we'll have to source sheep milk, yogurt and gosh... cheese? Could it be possible?!

Our little janitor

Oh, and on a language note: As I brought him in to the living room after changing his diaper, he pointed at the TV, which had the Giants vs Marlins game on, and said, "BASEBALL!"

That's our boy!

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