Sunday, May 25, 2008

A banner day

On Thursday, when Mom came to take care of Davey for the afternoon, she brought along a few surprise guests: chicks! She's raising four new chicks and they're too young to go in to the coop with the grown girls. Like human babies, they need food and water every couple of hours, and they need warmth. So Mom brought them to our house for the afternoon, while she was Davey's care giver. Oh boy, you can imagine how much Davey enjoyed them! Here's a little video of when he got to pet one. The rest of the time he ran around and laid atop the cage, squealing with delight.

Also on Thursday, Marina told me that Davey was "playing with a beautiful little two year old girl" at the playground that morning. Apparently he and a little girl were chasing each other back and forth. That was lovely news to hear as that was the first time he'd played with another child, rather than playing near another child. Then, later that day Mom took him to a different playground and he played chase with another beautiful little girl. What do you know about that?

Playing with other children. Pretty girls.

That's our boy!!

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