Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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Every day Davey amazes me just a little bit, or sometimes a lot, more. Yes, he's sweet and silly and smart and loving... all the things every parent says and that I've gotten so familiar with. But sometimes he just does things that strike me. Wow.

Such as yesterday he was playing in the wading pool and had three things he was playing with: a rubber duck, a ball and a water bottle. He wanted to hold all things and he very, very quickly, in one try, figured out how to hold the duck and the ball in one hand. He figured out what he needed to do instantly and had the coordination to do it. So cool!

There are a few signs that he regularly uses to communicate with us, and has for a long time: eat, drink, finished/done, hi/bye. A few days ago when he obviously wanted more of something I showed him the sign for "more" and he immediately mimicked it back to me. Ever since then he's been using that sign consistently when he wants more of whatever he's eating or playing with.

Brag, brag, brag, I know.

But then there's the spontaneous hugs he gives... and such hugs. sigh

Plus he figured out how to kiss (sort of) recently. First it was when I'd say, "Can I have a kiss?" He'd climb up and put his open mouth on my lips. Now he spontaneously goes up to Mark and I and kisses us.


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